Do you want a great looking website?!
Maybe refresh your old or you need a logo?
Your Webmaster for a personal homepage = Annika Stjärneving

Almost everyone has Internet to see what happens in the cyber world. You only see the latest on Facebook, and far from everyone is there. A real website is still the strongest way to reach out with your message in the best way. A website is still the best marketing!
How does it work?
A website with a neat and stylish design, great layout and nice pictures are valuable. I design that website for you, so you get a personalized home page that nobody else has! I build the website from scratch with honest HTML script, which fits in all browsers, or in WordPress if you prefer.

Send an e-mail and tell me your wishes, colour and style you like, and what the website should contain. Have you been inspired by a page on the Internet, please send the link so I can see what design you like. Or take a look under PORTFOLIO - websites created by Starwing Design!
Web Hosting
You must have a web host where all the files that make your website can be posted. Otherwise they can not be seen publicly. A web host is as it sounds - a hotel with different rooms for websites where you put all the files to your website. If you want, I can help you book your hosting company and recommend who has incredibly low prices for webhosting and domain name.
Domain Name
Having your own domain name is preferable. You even get your own email address through your domain name eg: Not only is it neat and professional with your own name - you also avoids advertising!

Other requests?
I also do ads, banners, brochures, collages, invitations, Christmas cards, logotypes, etc.



What's included?
» Personal Design
» Layout
» Banner
» Approximately 10 pages
» Image Editing
» Guest Book / Blog
» Uploading files
» Control of functions
» Reservation of domain
» Reservation of web hosting
» Relocation existing hosting
» Free support
Price: 5000 SEK (500 Euro)
or 300 SEK (30 Euro) / hour
(prices exclude VAT)


Your Webmaster for a personal homepage = Annika Stjärneving

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